Friday, May 04, 2007

No Approved Therapeutic Value

I miss Manny “The Pacman” Pacquaio. Before the 45 day election campaign started, Manny is omnipresent on Philippine TV. He can be seen endorsing wide array of products from cornbeefs to microphones but since he ran for congress, the airing of the ads were suspended in compliance with COMELEC regulation on media exposure.

One of the products endorsed by Manny is Datu Puti vinegar. Manny’s wife is shown in the TV ad cooking a paksiw na Bangus (milkfish cooked in vinegar) while Manny Pacquiao is doing a one hand pull ups while his children clung to his body while smiling and telling that “Datu Puti vinegar is good for health because it may help in iron absorption”. Then Manny kisses his wife, and then they all eat the paksiw na bangus with gusto, all smiling that acidic smile.

While watching this ad, I heard a faint voice, “Boss, boss don’t believe Manny, vinegars are acids, it corrodes iron how much more human tissues. Yes, theoretically vinegar may help in better absorption of iron because it breaks down iron into rust. But boss, you’re stomach is already swimming in acids and putting in more acids in there, you’re stomach will end up absorbing each other.”

Of course I don’t pay much attention to little voices. I’m not one of those…I mean I don’t believe in those little voices….Yes, I hear voices in my head but they are the committee in my head responsible for my thought…”Boss, boss, are you listening to me…’ the voice interrupted me again. I was a little uneasy because the committee in my head usually becomes active only when I’m thinking, or reading, or typing and not when I’m watching a Pacquiao commercial. “See boss, take my personal experiences. Vinegar is not only corrosive but they are also ablative, it peels me off slowly…” This caught my attention, because here is someone or something telling me on first hand experience the bad effect of vinegar on him. “Boss this is a ploy, propaganda. Vinegars cause hyperacidity and ulcers. So, don’t go around buying chicharon and dipping it in vinegars and then drinking the vinegar… don’t do it boss.” I looked around for the source of the voice, then my rear end itched…it was then that I realized that it was my anal hemorrhoid talking.

“Don’t hurt me boss…you know that I bleed…boss don’t believe that Manny…vinegar is not good for you!!!!!!!!!!!”

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