Monday, May 28, 2007

School Be Cool

My daughter is excited about school and she’s already asking me about buying her school stuffs.

I am not excited about school. This is my senior year in college and, oh, how I wished I could feel the magic of going back to school just like the magic I felt when I was my daughter’s age. The erasers that smells like chewing gums, the notebooks, the brand new bags featuring the hottest cartoon characters, the brand new shoes, uniforms, new classmates, new crushes etc. The magic where’s the magic? Now when I’m in school all I feel is envy. My classmates are young and watching them falling in love, secretly checking out their crushes, talking about reproductive health, and all those things that only teenagers talk about is very painful. Yes, painful is the word…

Heavens, I’m even older than most of the instructors.

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