Saturday, May 12, 2007


Election is not erection is not erection
Erection is not election not election
Election and erection and election
Watch the Sex Bomb Dancer’s gyrations

Erection and election, there’s connection
Angelica Jones is running in the election
Barbara Milano won the election
Watch the dancer’s gyrations

The age of giving sardines is long past
Long past is the age of giving of sardines
To woe the electorate
Electorate is being wooed
Not by sardines now
Now, not by sardines
But by gyration

Once the candidates stimulated the electorate
The electorate was stimulated
The vote was secured
Because the electorate enjoyed the gyration

Election is erection is gyration
There’s an old new way to manipulate
The mind for the election
It’s through gyration
Hence, through gyration there’s election

Watch the gyrations…watch the gyrations…
There’s stimulation
There’s erection
There’s election

The people needs more than sardines
They need opium—erections for election.

Watch the beautiful young dancer’s gyrations…
Wooing for the election through temptation...
Securing the election through gyration—erection.

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