Tuesday, May 22, 2007


You know how it is with Filipinos; they make specific brand names into generic names. For example toothpaste, Filipinos would buy a Colgate from a store or grocery and the cahier would often ask, “What brand of Colgate?” The reply would be Close Up or Crest or some local brand like Hapee. Or they would buy Coke and specify Pepsi.

The same with paperbacks, paperbacks would always be pocketbooks for the Filipinos.

I saw this TV magazine program featuring the reading habits of my country…err…person. They found out that Filipinos are reading more today than in the last few years. This is because of the growth of popular literature romance written by local authors. These pocketbooks are mostly the Cinderella type novelette. A girl was interviewed on how she find the novels, and one replied that she now can’t get into a relationship because no one qualifies for her ideal man; her ideal man are men portrayed in the Cinderella type pocketbooks that she reads all the time. Talk about escape literature.

Filipino love romance comics and according to literature experts these local Cinderella romance pocketbooks is comparable to the earlier Komiks romance series that Filipinos loved to read.

Local Filipino comics (Komiks) are now extinct; they used to be the primary literature for the common Filipino.

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