Monday, May 12, 2008

A Time to Read

Finally I was able to sit down and do some reading. When I came home from Baguio after featching my daughter and spending eight hours there, I brought with me some books that I “stole” from my sister’s library. My sister is a teacher of theology so most of the books I stole were (photocopied) theological books, books I cannot buy in the local bookstores.

I am reading about church history. I don’t know the title of the book because the owner of the book, definitely the book is not my sister’s because I know her handwriting, and the comments and the underlines are definitely not from a theology teacher. Maybe the book belongs to a student of my sister, who to save money, did not photocopy the title and the copyright page of the book. I love reading about church history and I have read more books about the subject than about systematic theology because it is more interesting to know the people and the social, political, economical and the general atmosphere of the era that produced theologies.

What I find interesting about church history books are the people and the little things like from the book I am reading now, I found out that King James to whom the King James Bible was dedicated and named after was gay, a certified licentious homosexual…I mean, maybe that’s why some people preferred calling the King James Bible as the Authorized Version or AV…This was the first time I read about this trivia, no surprise since the book I am reading starts with the reformation period of church history.

Given the chance of a seminary education, I would love to focus my studies on church history. Well it’s a long shot…I don’t have the money and right now I feel I am called in my church (not necessarily as a “titular pastor” but more of a teacher) to work. But there are other possibilities like an online seminary education that my sister told me to pray about. Studying while teaching and ministering…definitely this is something to pray about.

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