Friday, May 30, 2008

Rain in and out, Classical Guitar etc.

The rainy season is already and it’s beginning to rain and cats and dogs and acid and smog and curses in our town. (The citizens and the permanent denizens of our municipality are hoping that because we now have a supermall, our small town would, in the very near future, finally become a city. Now…what would happen if our small town become a city…better services for us the small town folk or better pork barrel for our small town politicians, higher real estate tax for our small lots or better rackets for the living dead, corrupt asses-sors…).

Back to the rain... It rained so hard that I thought it would flood again but thanks to (I dare not say God because this article (?) is…err… ungodly) the Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astrological Security Agency or PAG-ASA the inter tropical convergence zone and the prevailing cold front was left behind and the convergence did not occur because the weather was controlled by an anti-Gloria Macapagal Arroyo old man living in Pampanga who always reverses what the Pro-Gloria government agency says. So if NEDA or the National Economics of Destruction Authority (through a machine called “the lotto number machine”) churns out figures for the GNP or the Gross National Poverty and GDP or the Gross Domesticated Animals saying there’s an increase in both of these meaningless acronyms, this little old man in Pampanga would use his/her power (I don’t if this old man is a transvestite) to reverse everything…

Hmmm….back to the rain…it rained so hard last night and because I haven’t fix our roof (money man, I need money!) it also rained inside and I can’t blame anyone except President GMA. That’s the price of being the president of this miserable republic.

Anyway to relieve some stress what I do is play the guitar. This is one way of relieving stress but…hmmm…sometimes when I wanted to play a difficult piece like this recuerdos de la whatever by Mr. Tarrega (the technique used is called “tremolo”, sounds like tremor to me) instead of being relieved from stress, I get depressed because, man, for someone who didn’t study any classical guitar, this piece is difficult. Except for the pinkie in my right hand, all the fingers are moving and it’s difficult to coordinate each one of them.

Work hard to play a piece and work hard not to forget them…haaaa…practice is the key.

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