Thursday, May 08, 2008

ECBC Children's Camp 2008

I am happy that our church's children camp was finally over. I was appointed by Kuya Noel and Ate Joy (the church's juniors' ministers) to direct the camp and we encoutenred a lot of problems along the way. We were short on funds and the camp site that we used last year, which was free of charge, was booked. So, we were forced to search for a new campsite and God has provided us with a better campsite owned by a Chrisian businessman and ran by a pastor who incidentally knew a missionary that Kuya Noel and Ate Joy knew and the rest is...a conversation about connections.

Anyway God has shown his faithfulness and I was blessed by the experience of directing the camp.


Jayred said...

Divine connections...wonderful.

I kind of miss this kind of church camps. Dito meron naman, pero siempre, iba e... I don't get to teach in Sunday School, for instance, due to the language barrier.

George. said...