Wednesday, May 28, 2008

CR Books

I was rummaging through used books at Booksale when I found a short story collection, “Sudden Fiction: International Edition.” The book is a collection of short short stories (2-3 pages) and for forty pesos; I did not think twice, I immediately bought the book because it’s the perfect book for our comfort room.

I read whenever I am on the throne depositing to mother earth all the processed fertilizers that I have accumulated in my stomach. It’s a habit. So I had books lined up in a makeshift bookshelf near the toilet. Usually the books that I put there are books that I had to review once in a while, there’s a book about logic, bible doctrine (yes, and this is not blasphemy) and sometimes especially, when I have LBM, I take with me, on the throne, classics like Herman Melville’s short (I wonder why they call these short stories in the first place when they are, in theory and practice, all epically long and I am talking about mere descriptions here!?) story collection.

The problem with reading books on the toilet is that when I become engrossed with a story or an article, I can’t stop, so I read on until my…hmm…dries up and when it’s time for me to wash my rect…rectifier… (We Filipinos wash, we do not wipe) I found it difficult to do because the thing is stuck dry on my…hmmm…rect…rectifier that I had to re-hydrate it to soften the hmmm… thing stuck on my hmmm…

Anyway, this book, “Sudden Fiction” is the best toilet book because the stories are long enough to complete the transaction and avoid dehydration through exposure to air of the…hmmm…

I have read some of the stories and although the collectors brag that they’re the best collection so far, for me there are good stories and there are some stories that are simply unintelligible…maybe it’s because of culture, language, subjectivity, relativity and the lack of motility in my stomach. Ehehhhhee..hhhheeeeee….

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