Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Happy to be Busy

After graduation I thought that I would be able to relax and sitdown and enjoy...etc. But that's now what happened, I was so enrossed in church work that I can't find the time to read, blog and play the guitar, three things I enjoyed the most. I was involved in the church's Vacation Bible School, Choir retreat, visitations, junior church camp and now the church is conducting a music and arts summer seminar. I was also honored to preach at Daraitan Evangelical Baptist Church. I was nervous becuase Daraitan has a congregation of about 30 members. The intimacy of preaching in a small church ( compared to our church which has an average attendance of around a hundred or more attendees) is intimidating.

I am happy to be busy becuase this meant I had a lot of experiences to share that I can use in my sermons.

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