Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Gulay there it goes again!

I know, I know. I know being a preacher (?) I should be circumspect with my doodling on this blog because I preach. But hey I am a human bean, subject to the laws of gravity and the laws of economics and the theories of Freud, such I require an outlet for my suppressed dyspepsia.

Anyway I sometimes wonder why do I have to explain myself, ahhhh…yes, it’s because there maybe people who may take this blog seriously that it may drive them crazy.

Focus…my daughter was watching a local TV series called “Joaquin Burdado” and as usual I treat local TV shows like these with my innermost contempt (hey, its super exaggeration) because these TV series are mind numbing in their lack of sanity, unity, coherence, structure, originality, plot, conflict and even if these TV series are meant for children, still these TV shows are deleterious to the intellectual and moral as well as supernatural development of the children in the Philippines! (Calling on the CBCP and its Evangelical counterpart CCBP to pray over these matters. I mean, they pray over a lot of things these days why not include this one.)

I was watching Joaquin Burdado (yes I watch it too and can’t you feel its effect in my doodling) when I noticed that the supervillain possesses the power of Peter Petrelli and Xyler from the TV series that I love, “Heroes” and I said to myself, there it goes again, even the plot is starting to transmogrify into a poor poor10 imitation of “Heroes.”

This blatant and shameless and immoral and all the negative words in the dictionary and out of it, piracy of ideas in Philippine TV is getting in my nerves and tissues. We have an agency that catches video pirates and we have intellectual property rights people protecting the rights of people and their patented ideas and we have the Philippine National Police and the NBI raiding small stalls for selling pirated videos and necklaces, and yet, oh, in the name of Zeus and all the mythical classic gods including the giant sequoia trees and all the nuno in the punso, why don’t they raid these thick faced TV networks who blatantly copy foreign TV series.

Every time there’s an American hit TV series shown here in the Philippine expect a poor clone.

These Filipino TV shows that boast budgets amounting to millions of wasted pesos are the true and worst kind of pirated pirates for in pirated movies and TV series and videos sold in the streets, the credit is still there at the end of the movies but in these local TV shows the credit is stolen and given to writers who lack the creativity and the basic intelligence to understand that there are people who know what they are doing.

Benediction of a Jedi Master: “May the farts be with them.”

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