Friday, February 08, 2008

level 42 mark king bass solo

This guy's bass playing awed and still awes me. I wsas in my high school when I saw Level 42's video "Lesson in Love and the arpeggio bass playing reminded of the buil in bass pattern on my neighbors old casio key board. He's good more class and groove than Red Hot CHii Pepper's Flea but less of the raw energy of Flea.

He's the best! I saw Victor Wooten's playing too and whether some say that Wooten is technically better,i love this guy's moves.

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bassable said...

Yeah, Mr. Wooten is in a class by himself, but I have to say that Mark King is one of the greatest imfamous underrated bassists in America. I try to cop some of his licks, but I'm still catching hell. Level 42 songs such as "Can't Walk YOu Home" and "Coup d'Etat" still floors me when I try to learn them. But I'll keep trying...