Friday, February 15, 2008

Field Trip

Our church school held its field trip last Friday (Feb.1), and I had one of the finest days of the year yet. That is despite the fact that I was assigned to be the guardian to one pupil who I believe had an invisible cloak. My gulay, she kept disappearing and for someone whose attention span lasts a second, I can’t keep track of her! (Not blaming anybody anyone here, just talking out loud.) Add to the disappearing pupil is my daughter’s jealousy. Every time I took little Natalie (the disappearing pupil) to rides, I could see my daughter’s face wrinkling up like a dehydrated, dried prune.

Anyway, I did have fun. One of my childhood friends, the father of one of my pupils, was there and we’ve had a long talk. In fact we had the whole day talking about his work and my work. It’s one of those conversations that is more than chit-chat, I think it’s a deep longing for the days when me and my friends were young; remembering the reckless fun we’ve had.

As my friend and I were talking, I found out that this was his first time to be in Star City. And we were like a child again. We rode one oft those crazy rides like the little roller coaster, snow white and the seven dwarfs. I remembered the town ferias we used to go through when we were young. We went inside a haunted house where we scare the hell out of our wives and children, we were the one shouting and scaring and…it’s really fun.

We then saw this big boat like contraption twisting in the air and my friend smiled, I smiled, the next thing we knew we were in the air being tossed around like peanuts. My friend was shouting, “Stop it! I Give up! Oh, human excrement! Ooooohhhh Human excrement! (I’m being politically correct here). I was shouting too and we were both shouting because it was the most comforting thing to do! I tried holding my breath but maybe because of the speed or air pressure, I felt my chest was being dampened by a heavy object. So we shouted.

After the ride, we were like children laughing our hearts out. That was fun. Then we saw this upright roller coaster that twists in full circle, he looked at me, I looked at him and we both shook our heads. Enough for the day, our heart may not be able to handle the experience and we could both die of heart attack.

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