Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Thesis Crisis

University of Rizal System Morong Campus

My miserable thesis lost in the university research congress held at Morong, Rizal. I am not expecting anything because my research, as my classmates told me, was invested with saliva. What my classmates meant was that I did not spent anything on my research unlike their projects which are mostly experimental—they spent money on materials and hardware while, they said, all I did was talk. Aaaahhhhhh…they’re right, by the way.

But I did defend my thesis against the panels whose name gave me head ache because of the titles attached to their names like, Ed. D, Ph. D and what have you. One of the panel members was a director of the Department of Science and Technology, and of course, DOST people are utilitarian and a research about an abstract thing like an assessment of student organizations and leadership is not something that they usually pay attention to.

The winners in the research congress were technical stuffs like solar powered and wind generator that is supposed to generate 15 volts and costs around 50,000 pesos to make…my team members were laughing because when we calculated the return on investment we found out that an average electricity consumer would be able to recoup the fifty thousand pesos investment in about a million years, add to that the miniscule ampere and voltage the project could generate…I mean the project is so unrealistic and so uneconomical and so common…solar power and wind generator are not new things. If these guys have invented a gas powered turbine using human and animal gas ( farts), I mean that’s something new and unique. I would even vote for them!

Another winner in the developmental category is an improved ram pump. When I was looking at the title of the research, I kept hearing Alvin and the Chipmunks singing “Come they told me…pa ram pump ram pump. A new born king to see…pa ram pump ram pump.” No kidding! The Christmas song kept playing in my head!
The ram pump is all about using water pressure to pump water, no motor, no power, just the pressure of the water to pump water higher than the source. I was looking at the computations which looked Hieroglyphics to me and it reminded me of one of those ancient inventions that never made it through because of the law of depression, I mean where in the world can you find a water source higher than your house and then use a ram pump to pump your water higher than your house! aor how can you use this for irrigation when the amount of water the ram pump could pump is so small compared to the source! I am not making any sense because it’s all about finding conditions fit for the invention which makes the invention next to useless. There are dams now!

Gave me head ache. Anyway, I’m just being sour. My research did not make it through but I had one consolation; one of the doctors shook my hand and told me that I answered all the questions very well.


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