Sunday, February 03, 2008

Hmmmm…I’m Flattered

I visited the campus last January 28 to check the status of my missing scholastic records. I already wrote a letter narrating what happened to my records so that I will not be harassed (I hope) by the registrars of the other universities where I was once enrolled almost two decades ago. I am happy because our campus’ dean of the school of education endorsed my letter and she even asked the school secretary to have it signed by the campus registrar and then delivered to the clusters’ main campus in Morong, Rizal. Well it’s not a special delivery, really. The campus registrar had some business to do there and my letter was just hand carried by her (I hope that’s what happened because I haven’t been to the campus since January 28). Anyway I’m thankful to the dean of education and the registrar, age and position in the student organization do have some privileges.

I also had my picture portrait taken, complete with the toga, for the yearbook and the graduation program (to tell the truth I felt emotional about the toga). After the photo was taken, the campus research head approached me and told me that my research will be included in this year’s university research congress, this is where they judge the best research and researchers for the school year. I was flattered because my research was chosen to represent the campus for the descriptive research category. It also meant more work on copy reading and revising!

I am scheduled for my final observation on February 26, 2008 and after this, it’s the walk down the aisle…hmmm…err…I mean I will be climbing the stage to receive my diploma.

Then after the graduation it’s work, paying debts and then death.


Jayred said...

Wow, congrats, George! What an honor to represent your university in the university research congress. Galing. Break a leg!

I can't wait to see your graduation pic. :-)

Liza's Eyeview said...

Congratulations! Great accomplishment.

George said...