Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Erap's Verdict

Former Philippine President Joseph Ejecito "Erap" Estrada

I was rudely waken by our neghbor's TV airing the covering (coverage is what I mean) of Erap's, our country's former president that has been ousted by that thing called people's power, judgment. Erap was convicted of plunder, which is a capital offense, and was sentenced with reclusion perpetua (why can't they just say "forty years"), pending motions for reconsiderations and appeal to the Philippine Supreme Court.

Jinggoy, Erap's son, and Atty. Serapio was acqutitted of all charges.

Other alleged Erap accomplices was issued warrants of arrest for their non appearance in the trials. One lawyer said they missed the chance of being acquitted like Jinggoy.

This is funny: Erap was convicted of plunder and all the money and properties he has stolen was confiscated by the government yet he was acquitted of perjury cases. I mean, how can that happen?


Jayred said...

Hey, I should read more about this. Out of touch na ako. :-)

George said...

Parang you're better off na out of touch :-)

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