Thursday, September 27, 2007

Boxing and Prayer

I saw Manny “The Pacman” Pacquaio, the Filipino boxing champion, being interviewed on TV. He said he was practicing very hard and praying very hard in preparation for his fight against a Mexican boxer.
There are campaigns to pray for Manny's fight…The other side must be doing that too; the Mexicans must praying hard for their champion too.

During his fights, Manny’s mother invites priest to conduct masses for Manny. There were prayer vigils and even some TV people and sports commentators asks the Filipino to pray for Manny “the Pacman” as he tries to knock out and maim his opponent in the ring in the name of nationalism and patriotism and dollars.

This is my attack: How can a country that values life, that oppose legislation against family planning and so on… and the church that prided itself as the moral force in the country leading the fight against family planning, human rights abuse, tortures, kidnapping and gambling conduct masses for a murderous sport like boxing!

Or is it because the pay for these masses is good?

For the life of me I will not be able to understand this.

If there’s one thing that the church should hold masses for is that brutality like these should be stopped in the name of God.

Let’s pray that Manny Pacquaio know that God is love.

I don’t care if Manny wins or loose, but let’s leave God out of this…what you call this…barbaric sport.

(My gulay, I’m in a bad mood today.)

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Jayred said...

Bad mood nga siguro, LOL.

But I do get what you mean, and I agree. I've never liked watching boxing or wrestling on TV.