Wednesday, September 19, 2007


We were discussing sin when a member of the class asked me, “Why is it that God made life this way? Why can’t he just make things easier for us?” The other asked why is it that it was eve who sinned and not Adam? Why was it that it was Eve who was tempted and not Adam? Would it be different if it was Adam who was tempted first?”

Another theorized the necessity of balancing good with evil…and so on and so on. These questions are inevitable in a Bible class and I have seen a lot of pastors, even those from the TV, attempting to answer these questions with Bible verses and sometimes with logic and sometimes with just pure speculation and, really, what usually happens is that as answers are formulated more questions arises until, without noticing it, more question arises ad infitum.

I asked questions like these and I knew the answer. Most people who ask these questions, I think, knew the answers too but they just can’t help asking them. So, I smiled and told the class that, the answer to these questions is that there’s no answer to these questions because these questions are beyond us.

If we believe the Bible, the answers can be quite simple. But people can’t help being curious.

Philosophy can explore these questions and if one reads them, and get pass through the first few pages, one forget these questions and suddenly realized that “head aches” is a good way of diverting these questions. But unfortunately there’s no answer in there in a way, well, most Filipino’s think of an answer, which are concrete answers.

I have a good way of dealing with these questions and it always worked: I read sci-fi novels.

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