Sunday, September 16, 2007


Our church’s senior pastor, my uncle, was about to do the benediction when the church was disturbed by the ascending beep of a cellphone, it’s an ancient NOKIA. First, the congregation was searching who was the culprit. But as the beeping grew louder, we found out that it was the pastor’s cellphone. The whole church was laughing.

The scene was funny and to tell the truth a little humorous disturbance like this can sometimes break the monotony of the church. But… becomes annoying.

It reminds of the scene I saw on House MD, a primetime TV program. Dr. House was sitting on a chair and watching his pocket TV, moving it from time to time for a better reception when a nun approached him and told him that he is in a house of prayer. Dr. House looked at the nun, sarcastically smiled and said, “No wonder the reception was strong.”

Hmmmm…and….hmmmm…. “No wonder the reception was strong.”

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