Thursday, August 16, 2007

Delayed Reaction

Last week it rained so hard that our street was flooded. As usual here in the Philippines, the government suspended school classes when the students were already in school. So what happened was that the students, because they were sent home simultaneously, were stranded in the middle of heavy rain and flood. The parents were fuming mad. The Department of Education blamed the Philippine weather bureau because they didn’t warn the department of heavy rains. The weather bureau replied that they can only suspend classes when there’s a storm signal and there’s no storm signal because there’s no wind, only rains. So, the weather bureau told the DepEd that the local government units can suspend classes. Local Governments units said that they were waiting news from the National Disaster Coordinating Council (NDCC). NDCC blamed the Department of Public Works and Highway (DPWH) because they did not de-clog the waterways drainage systems and this caused the floods. DPWH blamed the citizen because they dispose of their garbage in the rivers and waterways clogging…blah, blah, blah…

To make sure that student will not be stranded the following day; all classes were suspended by the national government. Of course by then the sun was already happily shining through clear sky.

I sometimes think they do this to make up for their non-intelligence.


Joey said...

Nobody wants to take the buck. Tama ba yang sinabi ko. Common sense lang, if it has been raining for more than 5 hours, classes should be suspended right away in Metro Manila, dahil malamang baha agad. You don't know if they are thinking anymore.

George said...

You're right.

Jayred said...


Parang same old story pa rin.

But your pic, George, made me homesick all of a sudden. Miss ko ang mga ganyang scenario. :-)

Dito maayos lahat ang patakaran, maayos ang mga daan, maayos ang mga systema, pero ewan ko na, I find the place boring, to be honest. Sa Pinas, exciting talaga. Maybe I'm just being biased.