Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Cruelty to God’s creatures

I was on my way back home from walking my daughter to school when I saw this little kitten on top of a concrete post. I saw the ear piercing and my first instinct was to laugh. What could be funnier than a little kitten with a pierced ear? But when I looked closer, I saw that the little kitten was miserable. The bamboo stick that was used to pierce his ear was sticking out and it affected its balance so that the kitten had to walk with its head tilted to the left. I removed the bamboo stick and saw that the wound was still fresh.
One of my neighbors told me that it was the children who did this. I was troubled because when I was a child me and my friends played hop-scotch or play house or make believe games. Cruelty to animals was very far from our mind. But looking at today’s children, I can’t help but wonder what will be the games that they will be playing when they’re older.

(I don’t know if I’m not being hypocritical because I poisoned a lot of rodents in our house. Hmmm…I don’t know…One of those ironic things about life…)


Jayred said...

How cruel naman. It's good you removed that stick. Were you able to disinfect the wound?

I remember a neighbor (a child as well) doing this to our cat. Pinana yung eyeball niya with a barbecue stick. So she was blind the rest of her life....

George said...

Di ko na disinfect kasi may pasok din ako. Nakaguilty lang minsan kaya lang dami kasing pusa sa amin eh.