Friday, March 02, 2007

Lazy days

This is the typical days before the finals, everyone's idle. This is suppose to be my literature class again but my teacher's out.

I am glad that Manny Pacquiao backed out of his plan to run in the election. Maybe his wife knocked some sense into him. What can he bring to the politics here?

I was having my hair cut whyne a barber commented that Pacquiao is a good businessman and an oustanding sportsman but as a politician? The barber feared that if Manny went into politics he will lose everything. And, I guess he's right. He'll not only lose his chance to be a great Filipino but he may also lose his dignity.

Of course I could be wrong. I could be underestimating the man. But anyway, the possibilities and probabilities is against him.

Election is getting to be a very interestingshow here in the Philipines. The Jingles alone cn make one laugh to death.

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