Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 1--Seminar

How was my first day at the DeEp’s computerisation seminar?

It was a soaking, foggy, wet Thursday morning when we arrived here in Tagaytay. It was fortunate that we had our own GI vehicle to bring us here; the advantage of having our principal, who is also the supervisor, accompanying us to the seminar..

We checked in to our rooms, had merienda and proceeded to the sessions. The opening program, as usual, was filled with speeches from the department’s directors for this and for that and blah, blah, blah, and then the introduction of this and that which I and most of the participants are not really interested with. The only time my attention was grabbed by the speaker was when he told the audience that the department would distribute laptops for every DepEd teachers. I am hoping that this would materialize. Caveat Emptor--half of the costs of the unit would be shouldered by the teachers.

One of the speaker’s points was correct: we were there for the certificates. Some maybe but not me, I was here because one of the ICT district coordinators was not able to come—I was a reliever of sorts.

Observing the participants, I was surprised to find teachers who are old. I mean really old. I am not an ageist or discriminating or a xenophobe but these teachers will retire in a year or two. I was joking my co-teacher why would a school head send these delegates when they have younger and “more” computer literate and competent people to send. That was one of the things that bothered me. Maybe, still, one of the criteria some principals followed in sending participants to the seminar was the doctrine of seniority.

 Anyway, I am writing this as the seminar is progressing and I hope the instructor will not notice me.

We had sessions from the morning until eight in the evening yesterday. I was already overflowing and I could not handle the information; I cannot handle my boredom which is my worst enemy. Once boredom sets in, that’s it; my brain shuts down and I become mean, irritable, evil and not myself..hehehehe….

The food. There are a lot of food and coffee and hot drinks that we were joking that once we get out of this seminar we would be heavier than when we came in…

More to come kasi nagkaklase na kami.

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