Thursday, June 23, 2011


(My gulay…My English is getting badder by the day! Re-reading my last post almost gave me a heart attack. Hehehhehe...)

It was raining very hard when the class ended. I hurriedly left the school so that I could go home early. Kick started my motorcycle, revved it up and went as fast as I could only to find out that a part of the road was flooded and impassable to small vehicles like my motorcycle. I roamed around Taytay looking for a passable street but I didn’t find any. So, I went back to the school and left my motorcycle there. Last year I tried to run the motorcycle through the flood with disastrous result; the motorcycle’s air intake was submerged in floodwater drowning the carburetor. I had to shell out five hundred pesos for repair.

This time  I did the best thing to do, I walked home.

I was walking in the flood when I noticed corrugated steel bars protruding form the unfinished drainage canal. There were pedestrians and children walking and if one of them slipped they would either be barbecued (hmmmm or speared or hmmm what is that word? hmmmm....ahhhh  pierced!)...pierced by the bars or they could fall into the open canal to be carried by the current into the polluted Cainta River. Safety.

Got home to find my daughter wet and cold sitting by the door. She could not enter the house because she had no key. Her mother locked the door when she left for Cavite to visit her aunt.

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