Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day Three

Third day.

I slept lightly last night. One of my roommates was snoring so loudly that once in a while I was jolted from my sleep thinking that there was an earthquake or a tsunami of some sort going on out side. I asked my co-teacher if he heard it too, but he turned to me and asked me, "I thought it was you?" Now, I don't know who is snoring loudly me or my roommate. Maybe it was both of us.

Today is our post test for our computer hands on. I don't know why some teachers are afraid of the test. I mean its not a car test driving where failure means one is not going to drive any vehicle for a period because they may be a threat to society. Its just a test to assess whether you learned something from the sessions. Its about the them, the lecturers and instructors, as much as it is about us.

I'll update later. The session is now filling up with delegates eager to learn the basics of computing. Why was i grouped with them. Ohhhh...I forgot, I was stumped by the test item on adding and removing watermark using MS Word--an application which I used most of the time. Anyway, who uses watermark in their documents anyway?

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