Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday Morning/Three year old sampaloc

Why is it that when I water my plants, it rains? Last night this happened, again.

Woke up at seven, had my coffeee and checked some plants that I have placed in the nooks and crannies of our lot for something to work on.

Three years ago I saw a lot of sampaloc wildlings growing under the school's old sampaloc tree. I transplanted three of them them in pots. I think the other two died from drowning in the flood but this one survived. This has been in training for almost two years now and I have forgotten to remove the wires and this resulted in the angular bend of the trunk. But with age this will soften up, I hope.

I am checking which branch to keep and which branch to remove. The upper branch is larger than the lower branch which means this is older than the lower branch, but an ideally proportional tree has its bigger and older branches in the lower part of the trunk while the younger branches are in the higher part of the trunk. 

Definitely it has to go. 

(I was reading the bonsai forum on the net and I found out that many young Filipinos are into it. One reason, from what I have read, is that engaging in bonsai relieves their stress.)

This is the lower branch which needs to be older and larger than the branches in the upper part of the tree. See the grooves, the forgotten wire did that. This is a young tree and it will heal.

(I have one regret, I should have started doing this when I was in my teens. But I was into guitar then.)

Trimming, wiring and twisting the branches into position.
 This is the new profile. I wired the lower trunk to promote tapering. 

This is what I'm aiming for. 

Maybe twenty years from now hehehe. If I'm still alive!

Sorry about the feet, the electric fan is blowing the paper.

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