Wednesday, August 20, 2014

New Kalyos Material/ Visualization

This a new Kalyos material that I bought from Katipunan Avenue last Sunday. 

I got this very cheap because this is a newly dug main trunk. Judging from the growth this is already an established material.

It was heavy and I had difficulty commuting from Quezon City to Taytay but it was worth the effort.

One thing I learned from bonsai artists is visualization. 

Before I use to wire and train trees according to my whim. I often change the direction of the branches because I have no definite idea what form I want the tree to have and this results to stress, sometimes killing a tree.

Now I do sketching before I train and wire a tree. I'm learning.

This is how I want the tree to develop. I reckon this will take about five to eight years.

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Anonymous said...

A well written article. Enjoyed all your blogs, especially the ones about bonsai as well as others. I am from India; please keep blogging!