Sunday, June 01, 2014

Sunday and I'm still at school! (my fault, again)

Tomorrow, Monday, is the start of school. I still have some stuffs to do. 

I still have to clean my classroom's comfort, room, sweep the floor, again; posts some charts on the wall, etc. So, here I am on a Sunday morning still working.

Though I am one of those who believes that classrooms should have very little designs, charts, and furniture  etc. because they contribute to the distraction and poor focus among pupils, in the case of my old classroom, it helps to hide torn off plywood and  chipped paint on the wall. 

I can't afford to have my room re-painted, it's part of a 50+year old building and according
to rumors it's schedule for demolition. to give way for a new building. Though I'm happy with the possibility of having a new classroom, I will miss the old Rodriguez Building because it felt like our old house.

Anyway,looking around, I realized that I still have no front table. The one I made a year ago was so unstable that even without books and teaching aids on top, it wobbled. I guess that's why my co-teachers did not use it. Well, even I did not use it for fear it might collapse on my foot killing a toe nail or two. 

I decided to disassemble my old front table to rebuild it again using recycled lumber from old desks. 

While doing this, alleged PDAF queen Napoles' face and her cohorts in government popped up in my head. Here we are, teachers, trying our very best to make do with improvised tables, recycled desks and cabinets, doors with loose hinges, old electric fans, etc. Here we are trying to make do with what we have and there they were ripping the country of its money that could have benefited the ordinary government civil servants and the impoverished citizens. Wishful thinking...

After doing rough carpentry, to make it look presentable,  I wrapped my project with orange cartolina and plastic cover. Aside from aesthetics. I did this to cover the rough edges and splinters that may injure my pupils and my co-teachers.

Teaching is a solitary profession, as one seminar speaker described it. Doctors have their nurses, architects their engineers, engineers their foremen, lawyers their paralegals, while we teachers, in the practice of our profession, are solitary figures in the classrooms.

I kept thinking about this while I clean up after my work. This solitary thing suited me well, truth to tell.

I am tired. After the sawing, the hammering, the stapling, and the cleaning after, I decided to call it a day. 

I am not the only one working this Sunday. When i went home at around four in the afternoon, there were still few teachers left cleaning and fixing their classrooms. 

Really, teaching is one hell of a job, it 's all in there: teacher, psychologists, nurse, housekeeper, gardener, actor, entertainer etc. and in my case, a carpenter too.

God, I love this job.

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