Sunday, June 01, 2014

It's Saturday and I'm still working! (my fault)

I did not do my classroom during the brigada eskwela held on May 21, 2014. My reason was that it was still two weeks before the classes and cleaning up my classroom then would mean that I will clean it up again a day or two before classes begin on June 2, 2014. Two weeks is enough time for dirt, dust and birds droppings (yes, birds love my room and they make it their play ground) to accumulate.  

So, I held off till May 31 and because of the procrastination, I am here working on Saturday realizing that its not only cleaning that needs to be done and that I had to come back on Sunday!

My table, shelves and cabinets were hand me downs from retired teachers. I had no idea how old they were but judging from the number of coat of paints, they were at least a decade or so. They needed maintenance and since the classroom is the teachers responsibility, and I have no budget for carpenters, I had to do the work myself. Aside from fixing the cabinet and shelves, I also replaced a slat on the floor eaten away by termites. 

The classroom is your second home. This was what I learned from my co-teachers. Teachers exert efforts to make their classroom beautiful and homey and it's only right because, in fact, teachers spend more of their waking time here than in their homes. 

I asked my sister-in-law to sew me a new curtain. I prefer blue, my favorite color.Also, the sun rises in this part of the room and the sunlight glares my 
pupils' vision making 
it difficult for them to copy what's written on the board.

I had my former pupil help in installing the curtain. Raymart was a great help not only for me but for many teachers. He also did the sweeping, wiping, and the waxing of the floor. Things I could not do because of my asthma.

Posting the section and my name on the door. More work...

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