Monday, June 02, 2014

First Day of school Chaos

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I woke up at five, had my coffee, watered the plants. After a few minutes of rest, I took a bath and prepared for the first day of school.  

I arrived at the school at five thirty, which is my normal routine. As usual, motorcycles, tricycles and bicycles clogged the streets as they unload their passengers all going to the school.

I prepared the school's sound system for the first flag raising ceremony of the new school year. But it was chaotic and we were not able to do it on time. 

Because of the transition from homogeneous to a heterogeneous class, many pupils were confused as to what section they now belonged to. This re-organization was only announced to the teachers during the summer break, hence the information was not disseminated to the pupils and the parents ,so they too were confused by the new set-up. They expected the same section as was last year's but ended up being pointed to the new listings on the classrooms' doors.

So, instead of directly going to their expected next grade teachers, the pupils (and their parents) ended up moving from room to room looking for their names in the new heterogeneous sections. It's like election day.

Anyway, as usual;, on the first day of school, most pupils were well behaved especially with the reorganization, they were now mixed with pupils from the other sections. They were unorganized unlike with the old homogeneous section where they had developed a sort of pecking order among themselves.

But what's intolerable was the heat. It's so hot and humid (or dry) that I had to wet my handkerchief and continually wet my face to keep from overheating. I was worried about my blood pressure. But all went well.  

So., 199 more school days to go.

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