Saturday, June 07, 2014

Housekeeping chores etc.

What I appreciate with teaching in a public school, aside from the tenure and the benefits, is that pupils are responsible for keeping their classroom clean and for sweeping the school ground. 

They do this every morning and this has become a habit to them. It's an equalizer, all pupils are required to participate in this, even pupils who are not used to household chores.

Of course this is only possible in the intermediate grade levels where pupils are old enough for the tasks, but for the primary grade levels it's the teachers' and the parents' job.

Unlike in private schools, since most parents are paying for the tuition fees and other charges, it is the school's responsibility to keep the classrooms clean; house keeping activities are limited to scheduled and academic activities. 

This is understandable and most parents who can afford would rather have their children enrolled in private schools for reasons and I think one of them is to free their children from manual labor in schools. 

Maybe it has something to do with the parents' experience during their grade school days especially with gardening: pulling out weeds by hand, tilling the soil, etc., or they have house helps at home and their children is not used to work, or they simply like the status quo.

I think children are missing a lot of education when they are kept off from doing housekeeping chores in the school.

Anyway, most parents' still think that (most) private schools are superior to public schools. This perception, I think, persists because of advertising and colorful school uniforms. But if parents' would sit down and think of the changes in the department especially in the teaching personnel's professional qualifications and their continuing education and trainings, they would appreciate the public school system better.

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