Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Too early for dirty movies, aerobics, basketball leagues and physical fitness

(Photo from the web.) Exercise is essential to good health.
 I had a former drinking buddy whose philosophy in life was
 to drink and be merry for tomorrow you may die. 
He told me that if you're going to die  you will die. 
Of course, this is true. Exercise may not prolong your life 
(of course it does, but granting the arguement) 
but it will improve you living your life. Imagine you are 
destined to live up to 100 years but you  did not
take care of your health, and becuase of this, you
 suffered a stroke at age 40 that left you a vegetable.
Do the math, you have 60 years of vegetative life 
ahead of you..
My wife and I came home from our morning walk. As usual, our morning ritual is for her to sweep and clean inside the house while I do the yard. I turned on our little radio and started sweeping the fallen leaves and pulling out weeds etc. Then I heard an interesting sound coming from a neighbor's closed door. 

"Ah, ah, ah, yeah, push, push, oohhh!" I overheard. I continued on with what I'm doing while listening to RJ 100.3 FM oldies but goodies.. Then there it was again, " to the left, oh yeah, can you feel it, to the right, ahhhhhh, feels good, right, yeah, do it?" Hmmm...something was fishy. Maybe it was just me and my dirty mind (well it was suggestive!). This time I listened very carefully. I turned the radio's volume off.

I thought, heavens, it's too early to watch porn!  Then I realized that they were watching an aerobics video. The instructor was dancing to a synthbased music (which sounded like 80's porno theme). After a few minutes, two ladies, my neighbors, came out sweating and smiling.

Photo not mine. I like Asec Eric tayag. His media
exposure especially his dancing communicates the
DOH programs very well . His dance for health advocacy is catching on. 
It's good that Filipinos are getting conscious about their health. I think the dancing DOH Asec. Eric Tayag has done a wonderful job promoting physical fitness to the citizens. Our sitio has a free sumba class held everymorning in the open-air gym. And judging from the number of people who particpates, the program is a sucess.

I noticed that there a lot of bikers, runners and walkers going out every morning. The trend is on the rise. Also, it's summer so a lot of students are also taking the time to go out and engage in physical activities.

It's basketball league season. Some of my kababatas and barkadas are gearing up for the Sitio Bayabas Basketball League. They already have their uniforms and some of them have alrady started conditioning for the games by jogging every morning. Though after a few laps, I often see them under the shade talking. They are middle aged for heaven's sake, abs have degenerated to bulges and speed and agility into something else...wisdom, maybe.

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