Tuesday, April 22, 2014

How to water your plants effeciently, plants make matter out of energy while human beings consume much matter to make less matter while producing much waste matter! etc...

I was watering our plants when I noticed that some of
them were still wilting. A little investigation showed
 that despite the amount of water I sprayed on them, 
it was not reaching the roots.The water
 was deflected by the leaves and because it was sprayed,
the water was just wetting the soil's surface.
To solve the problem, I attached a PVC pipe
 to the hose so that the water could be directed to
where it could best reach the roots, the base of
the plants.

Watering plants is a very relaxing activity, a good stressbuster. It is refreshing to see the spray water hitting the leaves; the branches bowing and swaying with it. It's  as if the plants are dancing to show their gratitude. Of course, I am just imagining it; plants don't have emotions. 

Plants are amazing.One day, I noticed that one of my plants had grown too big for its pot. It had exposed its main roots, raising it out of the pot, while the hair like secondary roots have clogged the pot's drain hole, and were already clawing its way to the earth. As if it was reaching for its mother or godparents or something.

As the photo shows, the PVC pipe made it easy for me
to target the root of the tree especially those that are
located at the back of other plants and other difficult to
reach areas. Also, the water is directly fed to the roots
 instead of just spraying which is wasteful.
I noticed that though the plant had grown much larger, the amount of soil in the pot had not changed significantly. It did not lose the amount of soil equivalent to the matter present in the grown plant. A little sense of the common sense told me that plant should have consumed  the equivalent or proportional matter necessary for its present size. It should have consumed the soil, the pot and the gardener! But it did not. It grew without consuming matter, at least visible matter!!! (!!!!!!!)

Guess that's  why they call them producers.

So this meant that the plant manufactured matter out of the energy it absorbed from the nutrients of the soil. It also used energy of the sun to process these nutrients i.e. photosynthesis. There's nothing mysterious about this and any grade school children could explain the process easily.

But as I was watering, I kept thinking about it. Energy, that is, chemical energy and solar energy and other stuffs were transformed into matter.

This is where I noticed the problem. I sprayed water
on thisarea thinking that the more I sprayed the better.
But I noticed that some of the leaves were wilting.
I took a closer and I found out that the water
was not reaching the base of the plant; and with
 this summer heat, the water on the leaves and
on the soil evaporated quickly leaving the inner
under part of the foliage dry.Here, I looked for the  base
of the plant and "injected" the water directly  into the

Let me put it this way, animals, or people grow because they consume matter; they eat.

Let us  consider people.

Imagine the amount of milk a baby has to consume before it reaches its first year. Simple rough mathematics would show us that it has to drink ten times a bathtubful of liquid matter called milk before it grows big enough  to consume semi-solid food. This takes about a few months to a year depending on the genetic make up of the infant.

Another advantage is that I can now water my mother's
orchids without watering a neighbor or two who are
passing by or are sitting on benches below our
perimeter wall. Before, when I spray water,
 I sometimes would hear little voices shouting   "Hey, there's
people here!" 
Now, after the baby's first year, it now developed the necessary biological equipments (called teeth) for it to be able to consume solid food.

Again, simple mathematical calculations tell us that by the time it reached it's teen years, it has already consumed about 30 tons of Gerber Baby Food, 80 tons of rice and other staple foods like potato, veggies, peanut butter, soil, booger, etc. Add to about 50 tons of junk foods.

So, a rough estimate of the ratio is that it would take about 180 tons of assorted matter from vegetables, meat, milk and booger, for the baby that weighs about 9oz at birth to reach its average teen weight of around 80 lbs.

Aside from the consumption of matter for growth, humans also produce wastes. Of course it's only natural since this is part of ecology. Our waste products like urine, shit, fart, etc. are used by the plants, all part of the oxygen-carbon-foodweb system.

It is time to refresh the
leaves by spraying water on them.
But with capitalism and materialism and consumerism, humans are now producing wastes that are toxic and are not part of the ecological system. Where do they go?

Anyway, a person must have consumed about a million times of his bodymass from birth to death and about half of this are waste matter excreted by the body. So, that  still leaves about half a million times his/her body weight...

But plants are different, they literally make matter out of energy. So. of all of God's creations, plants are very special. They produce stuffs and we live off their leaves, flowers, fruits, barks, etc, and we also consume their farts as  well (FYI, oxygen are their waste products).

I mean, Noah even used them to build the ark that would save humanity and some animals for regeneration after the great flood. Plants did not have to go to the ark; they became doormant. After 40 days of flood, and the sun shone on them, they sprang back to life. (How else could it be when God did not tell Noah to bring seeds and stem cuttings into the ark?)

Wonderful eh!

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