Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Eating from the garden

When I was small, I remember taho vendors didn't use plastic cups.
They used Nescafe or Blend 45 glasses for the taho. Children
would then sip or eat from the glasses and after their done,
the vendor simply submerged them in water inside his pails
to be used by the children of the next community he would sell to.
Of course, today this is horrible. Nobody even share glasses
anymore for fear of infection, but people then
were not really that bothered. I guess
viruses and germs had not been invented then.
My wife and I had just finished walking and was having our cool-down exercises when she told me I was in charge of cooking today. I was about to protest when she looked at me and told me that it's Wednesday, laundry day.  No use protesting because laundry day is laundry day. 

Our meals are strictly budgeted. Though how I very much like it to be, I cannot just say, "Oh, I feel like eating pasta today; I'll cook spaghetti. Or, let's go to Jollibee. I don't feel like cooking today." Of course, we do that too but not on a whim, and most of the times, when that happens, it is really a premeditated whim.

They are not as big as pechays you can buy in the
market that's because I didn't use any fertilizers on them.

What to cook? That is the question. We saw a taho vendor and we each had cup for breakfast. He was selling tofu too. Tofu (or tokwa) is gelled taho. We bought one block.  What to cook it with?

I have done a little urban gardening of my own. I planted pechay and eggplants in plastic pots. It was for fun. But also, vegetables are really good ornamental plants. Pechay leaves are as beautiful as decorative little anahaws you can find in any gardens. Eggplant's flowers and fruits attract as much attention as orchids do, more if i may so because most people don't expect to find vegetables together with ornamental plants in home gardens.

Eggplants flowers and fruits are at par with orchids or roses.
It's fun eating your own plant.

Most people I know do not like eating
vegetables with caterpillar bites. But
they should know that it is the best
proof that what they are eating is

Tofu in soy and vinegar sauce
with pechays. I eat with gynura (or asitaba) on
the side. The gynura lowers blood pressure
while the tofu and bits of pork raises blood pressure,
so I hope they break even.

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