Saturday, August 31, 2013

Pork Barrel, Napoles, blah, blah...

I was watching the news, and I was surprised that Mrs. Napoles surrendered to the government. What she did was anti-climactic to the opera unfolding before the country. She did not even try to elude the NBI and Police tracker teams the way Ping Lacson did when the warrant for Ping’s arrest was released by the court for his alleged involvement in the Kuratong case (Well, Ping was never caught; the government got tired), nor did she even try to do a Gloria Macapagal Arroyo wearing braces and other ortho-medical stuff (that made her look like Naruto or something) to elicit sympathies from the people…I mean, the surrender was plain anti-climactic.

She's complaining of head ache, high blood pressure, diabetes. That's what you get for having too much pork. If I'm in her position right now, I'd claim I have HIV-AIDS, Ebola Virus, Dengue, Malaria...just look at her, she's as healthy as a pork.

Her surrender to the president was understandable since she feared for her life. With her knowledge, she could destroy the careers of many politicians in both the houses of congress, officers in the executive department, local government executives, and the active and retied officers in the military. These people would do anything to keep their hold on power and their hands on their pork barrels and eliminating a fixer like Napoles is a cinch to them. With the width and depth of her web of corruption in the government, she knew she could not trust just anyone and surrender to the NBI or the Police would be a suicide. I mean either she could be ambushed, or she could be shot in the forehead for stealing a police escort’s gun. What are the chances.

Napoles’s web of corruption even extended to the Most Holy Catholic Church when it was found out that she had priests on her payroll. These priests even executed affidavits exculpating Napoles and her brother of charges of illegal detention. The priests added religious voodooism by saying that Benhur Luy (the whistle blower) was on a spiritual retreat.  I am sure these priests knew by head and by heart the Ten Commandments. Of course, everything can be bought now, even priests, may I say.

  Obviously, the monsignor had knowingly or unknowingly eaten unclean pork.
I am, with most of my countrymen and women, don’t like the special treatment being given to Mrs. Napoles. I understand her surrender to the president. The president is the only person who could protect her now and by accommodating Napoles, the president did well. What I could not understand is why she is not in behind bars now; she is in jail but in an air-conditioned office! If it’s about security, the president could appropriate the army special forces, the marines, the scout rangers, the Navy frogmen and even some of his presidential security guard to ensure her safety in jail as long as she stays in a cell like the maid she put to jail for qualified theft. I mean, aside for the technicalities of the law, it is pretty obvious that Napoles is guilty of plunder and perjury which one or both should land her to jail.

It’s an epiphany that she was detained in the jail where the maid she charged with qualified theft was also incarcerated. Of course, I heard she will be moved to first class accommodation either in Camp Bagong Diwa or in Crame. No special treatment here...well, shit happens.


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