Saturday, September 07, 2013

Think Tree: Working with a bignay-pugo material

This is a bignay pugo (Antidesma bugnius), the new bonsai material I recently acquired. Bignay is a fruit bearing tree native to the Philippines and is a popular material for bonsai enthusiast. It is also known as bugnay in Ilocos and isip-isip in Pampanga. It is a robust, easy to grow tree.  

I am deciding which is the viewing point among the four photos and judging from the photographs, it is obvious that the four-trunked-clump style will not work because the trunks are too close to each other and are blocking each others view. I am thinking of cutting the other three smaller trunks leaving the main trunk. The strong point of the tree will be nebari or the root which will need more development that I would then expose, the uro (the big hole near the base) and later the development of the main branches and secondary branches that will result to a classic broom style bonsai.

Below I removed the other trunk to see if it would look better. 

This is better. Of course, bonsai is all about patience. I'll let it sit for a while and think about my plan for a time because once the other trunks are removed, it will take a long long time to grow them back. 

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