Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Praise the Lord for his blessings. The result of the Licensure Examinations for Teachers (LET) was released on November 17, 2008. I am thankful to God that my name was included with those who passed the examinations. I am now a professional grade school teacher! (Errrr… whatever that means…and whatever that entail…)

Another blessing is that my cousin Janice and her cousin Chayay (somehow most of the people in our church are connected either by blood or by marriages) also passed the tests for the secondary teachers.

I owe a lot to my family and our church’s prayer warriors (our silent service agents) who did a lot of praying for us. I am also grateful to Ate Violy and Ate Chayay for the reviewers. The reviewers did help a lot.

I had doubts whether I would be able to pass the exams because, truth to tell, it was a very difficult test (speaking for myself). I kept telling my friends and churchmates that I passed it by grace through faith alone!


A lot has happened since I last updated my blog. I was appointed the acting resident pastor of our church under embarrassing circumstances, mainly because of me and my blunders. But after four harrowing days of mental torture, spiritual depression and guilt, I called for a meeting, retracted everything I said, and declined the residency of our church. God has shown me visions of what kind of leadership I would inherit!

I am not interested in the pastorate of our church, although sometimes I can’t help pushing ideas for changes but most of the times, in retrospect; they proved to be more destructive than helpful, so now I’m just the same old Kuya George (kinder, I hope) in the church. Although I am called a pastor (my theory is that it’s mostly because of my eyeglasses), I am not the pastor. Anyway, everything happens and will happen according to God’s will and not according to my will.

Being a resident pastor for four days is enough for me because in those four days, I had the taste of the enormity of the task! Maybe it’s because I am not yet ready for the pastorate! Or maybe I am not fit for it!

I am praying for the current leaders and pastors in the church for God’s blessing and for God’s empowerment.


I am trying (very difficult) to learn Bachs cello suite 3 (the whole thing) in the classical guitar. It will take months for me to practice but I will try to master it. Learning classical guitar at my age is very difficult because the fingering is very different from rock and folk guitar. But the music is worth it. Its what I call mastubatory music, best played and enjoyed alone and in the privacy of my room (or house or home)!


Jayred said...

Congratulations to you and your cousin (and her cousin)! What a blessing. Did you cook spaghetti?

Lately, I've been thinking of becoming a full-fledged English teacher. Bumalik yung old desire ko to be a full-time teacher (sort of a career change). Praing for God's guidance on this one. Please help me pray for it. Thanks!

Am so happy about the LET results!

George. said...

thanks jayred
nagluto ako ng spaghetti na macaroni...he, he..
Mention ko sa prayers iyan.

Joey said...

Congrats. Wow, I could never imagine myself passing the board exam. That was the reason I did not take it. I always thought you'll make it.

I haven't been posting and reading blogs for sometime, I just don't have the time anymore. I was surprised to see you have updated your blog.

Jayred, good to see you again here. I'll include you in our prayers.

Joey said...

Congrats din pala kay Janice at Chayay. Ate Narlin and I are happy with all of you passed.