Monday, November 24, 2008

My gulay

There’s something wrong with my teaching style (or the lack of it). I am moody. I shout at my pupils (which is a no-no according to the theories of teaching). I tell them to shut-up, to keeeeeeeeppppppp quiet! Take your seeeaaaaaaattttttttt~!!!!!! Okay, you’re making me angry…….write “I will obey my teacher” one hundred times in your notebooks.

I threaten, I plead, I dance, I sing, I laugh. I pretend that I am crying. I do puppet shows with my shoes. I pretend to call the president of the Republic with my little Nokia cellphone. I sometimes program my cellphone to ring at a certain hour. And when the phone rings, I look at my noisiest pupil and tell him that his father is calling me and that I am telling his father that he is making my life hell, and that I am telling his father to beat the heck out of him….and so on. But after making the false call, and seeing the little guy’s face turn pale, the class can see a smile in my eyes and know that I am just kidding and then they will laugh. We will all laugh. The victim will laugh, and then we will all be laughing our hearts out! I have a noisy classroom.

We sing Ottis Redding’s “Sitting on the Dock of the Bay,” scouting songs, gospel songs, praise and worship songs. Why we even do Chinese versions (changgg-chungg-cheee-wooohhhhoooo).

We laugh.

We argue!

Truth is my pupils do not respect me!!!!!!

I can’t say if I am doing right.

I know this is not normal, but many of my pupils call me “Daddy.” One even told me that he wants me to be his adopted father.

I don’t know if they like or they think I’m Santa Claus (because of my belly which they love to punch).

My gulay!!!!!!


Joey said...

hahaha... Don't worry, you're doing well.

George. said...

thanks :-)