Monday, November 26, 2007


I was walking home in my barong carrying a bag that looks like a lawyer’s bag when one of my former drinking buddies called me attorney and pastor and a funeral homes agent, in succession, for fun. (Actually the bag belongs to my adopted little brother. He used to work as a med-rep and now that he’s jobless, I’m using the bag because it’s convenient for carrying books and those immortal manila paper visual aids.)

 I was not offended. In fact I stopped by and asked him and his buddies if they wanted to be prayed over by me. (I am already raising my right hand.) He laughed and they laughed but the friendship is still there although I am now a teacher and they are still bums.

One of the mothers shouted and told them, “Hey don’t you know he’s now a teacher. He’s now a “sir” a “maestro.” Respect him.” So now, some of my neighbors call me “sir.”

I don’t know, but whenever I am called “sir,” I feel like a knight in a shining barong!

(My computer was attacked by virus and I can't open some of the applications and files. I have a lot in there doodles, bible materials, thoughts, articles etc. and now I have no choice but to reformat the PC hard discs!)

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