Thursday, November 22, 2007



I got used to writing directly, not thinking much about grammar and mechanics and usage and all that English things that when I got to teaching grammar at grade school, I brought this carelessness along. (To tell the truth, I have difficulty with grammar.) I gave my pupils some homework and I didn’t notice the subject verb agreement. And during the PTF meeting, one parent showed the head teacher the error in the home work. The head teacher kindly reminded of the error. I was a little disappointed with myself because if it was not for that one parent, who knows many errors I could have committed. Anyway, I have to be careful now.

Children are so meticulous. I was writing on the board and I didn’t put hooks on my “g’s” after a while, they all shouted, “Sir, is that a “9”, or is that a “q.” They are driving me nuts!

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