Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Micro Teaching

This is the moment of truth. Today I will doing a demo teching. The result of the demo teaching will determine if I am fit to go out of the campus for my student teaching. I have my lessons with me complete with the Filipino traditional teaching aids, the immortal manila papers.

It's a good thing I am a male and I am already married becuase statistically speaking a lot (maybe even majority) female teachers who go into teaching single end up being single for the rest of their lives or else they marry tricycle drivers, jeepney drivers or bums.

A lot of stereotyping about techers but their heroes!


Jayred said...

"...the immortal manila papers."


God bless you, George, in your teaching practice activities! It's exciting ano?

Good that you're already married. :-)

Didn't know that that's the stereotype: single female teachers marrying tricycle/jeepney drivers or bums. But somehow I remember my former Geometry teacher marrying the school shuttle driver...a very old man. LOL

Arthur said...

Hahaha! Mabuhay ang manila papers! Lol!

All the best for you in your demo! God bless!

I agree with what you said about the stereotype. And most of single male teachers end up marrying single female teachers.

George said...