Wednesday, November 02, 2016

History of life after death, evolution and caffeine....

Death will come to all of us, it’s just a matter of time. Death is final and this finality is what, I think, is what scares the hell out of us.

Image result for death of a cavemanThe idea, or the reality (to most life after death is real like concrete real), of life after death is deeply ingrained in our minds. I don’t know how this idea was developed and got inculcated in our minds as a specie, but it is probable that as humans evolved away from the simian stage to the homo- stage we (from hereon “we” refers to humans from the homo erectus to the homo phobic, dead or alive) developed a sense of self-awareness, sentience. 

But if the theory of evolution is to be believed, it must explain where and when in the evolutionary stage did we developed sentience. And if this development is really evolutionary, then it is also possible that out simian ancestors possessed, and still do, sentience, it's just that ours evolved into higher level, what we have and experience now.  

Evolution does not stick to the creation of ex-nihilo or out of nothing, hence sentience must be present in from the start of our evolution. I supposed even from the primordial soup, but then this necessitates a mind or something which is really giving me head ache now.    

Image result for evolution of manAlong the way in the long process of evolution, we developed emotions that overrides even the most basic rule of life, self-preservation. We learn to care, we learn to protect the weak (which really goes against the grain the doctrine of survival of the fittest). And so on.  As our brains got larger and our mental processing abilities improved, and with accidental cellular upgrades through the firing and misfiring of neurons, the accumulations of proteins and vegetable matter in our head, plus the millions of years involved, and the multitude of sounds we heard and re-created, and the convergence of multitude of factors, enabled us to develop language, our greatest invention.

Image result for death of a cavemanWith the upgrade in the hardware and software, the mental processes got more complicated and it went beyond its beta parameters. The brain algorithm improved exponentially and it began to interpret impressions rather than simply obeying them,   from the primitive eat-or-be-eaten or the fight-flight instinct into more advanced self-awareness and other awareness. Heck, our ancestors even carved and painted themselves on cave walls. 

Of course, the figures were stick people, but the fact that they could represent themselves in geometric shapes made them the Michael Angelo of their time. They were geniuses of the Jurassic Era and they changed the way they looked upon themselves. They were the ones who ate the fruit of the knowledge of something and they were the recipients of the fire Prometheus stole from Olympus. They were the first human ancestors to realize that they were naked and that they need clothes.

When they discovered language and art, it’s only a matter of time before our early humanoid ancestors started asking questions: What the hell is going on here? Who’s in charge of everything? I need better clothing! And the most important question of all, what happens after we die?

That's the beginning of death. Before, our ancestors die like flies and it doesn't matter to them because, heck,  they couldn't even talk about it. 

So, take an aspirin or something to get over the head ache.

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