Saturday, November 12, 2016

What are these Filipinos doing?

I am not surprised that Donald Trump won the election, but what surprised me is that Hillary Clinton lost. Anyway...I'll leave American politics to the Americans. What made my butt itch was these pictures of Filipino youth rallying in front of the US embassy shouting anti-Trump slogans and burning flags. As of this very moment, while typing these letters, I am trying to figure out what is going on inside their heads, what are the thought processes going on in there. 

Like, maybe, inside their heads they were thinking, "I hate Donald Trump because he is the new president-elect of the USA!" "Donald is Satan! "Donald trump is an asshole!" Even if I write the most offensive expletives I can think of and threw it up against Donald Trump, what does it accomplish and the fact remains that the Raccoon (it's the small hands) is still the president.

Obviously they are holding a rally, but first let's think of Geography. The US is on the other side of the globe. It's day here and night there. We are separated by twelve hours and thousand of miles.  They do their own things which we should not really meddle with. They have elected a businessman for president and it's their choice and we should leave it at that. Our likes and dislikes doesn't count. they could elect a hamster for all they want and we shouldn't do anything about it.  

I know that these rallyists are against Trump because they believe that Trump will be harsh against illegal immigrants unlike the Democrat Hillary who's willing assimilate illegal aliens (I doubt if it's for humanitarian reason rather for vote reasons). Trump said that he will deport them and the fear is that illegal Filipinos in the US would bear the brunt of the crack down.

My hearts bleeding for these illegal immigrants. I mean, most Filipinos are still possessed by the American dream, of going to Canaan to the land of milk and honey. This mentality is a remnant of the colonial superiority inculcated in us not by the Americans, ironically, but by many us.  

It's still about money. There's this argument that Filipinos in the US, including the illegals, are sending dollars to the Philippines. They are contributing to the dollar reserve. I understand the economics but there's something wrong with the ethics. Does sending money to the Philippines justify their illegal stay in the US or any other countries at that? Do we even encourage that? I see the weeping Filipinos crying for something that is not even right in the first place. 

Another thing is that the Fil-Ams fear for their safety and this I understand for there are horrible stories of discrimination and racial violence in the land of milk and honey. There are still many Americans who still think that they are superior to people of different color. I guess that's one of the risks of leaving your own country. The US is a country governed by the constitution and the president is bound by it. In fact they have the most individual-oriented constitution in the ensuring the citizens freedom from the right to speech to the right to pursue happiness. 

I guess, alienation is natural when your not in your nation (Hmmmm...does that even make sense?).

So, what the hell are these Filipinos doing?  

My advice to them, go home and do productive stuff like reading or studying. Rally for something that would better our country, like planting trees, or picking up trash, or promoting clean and green stuffs. Leave the Americans to Trump and leave Trump to the Americans.

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