Saturday, September 24, 2016

Sundayphobia and thinking of inventing my own religion

It's Saturday night and tomorrow is church day. Since school started, I have been skipping church. One of the reasons is exhaustion. I really need rest. Saturday is not enough to recharge the body and the mind from the week of teaching, writing and filling up forms, class management, coaching, etc. Monday to Friday is just too damned enervating.

Waking up on Sunday morning and dressing up, the routine feels like work. Instead of sitting down and sipping coffee, listening to old music, watering the plants, taking the time to be bored, I will be sitting down in a plastic chair for an hour or more listening to stream of consciousness stuffs or a pulpit pounding from an ill prepared preacher.  (I used to be a preacher and I know how challenging it is to preach especially when your not in the mood.)

I'm not saying church is bad or something, I'm speaking for myself here. I have great respect for church people, heck I am still one. It's just that I need to get away from people to have time for myself. I don't hate people but working in school where I mingle with hundreds of children and scores of teachers, the noise and the ruckus, just drive me nuts. Even though we have breaks in the school, they are not really breaks because I cannot get away from the noise and the voices of children asking for help and other things.

I need a quiet time for myself to recharge. I guess for the extroverts, this is something they find difficult to understand. (Here I am explaining myself, again.)

Instead of being a church going religious human being, I am thinking of becoming a monastic hermit. Not really an hermit in the tradition of the desert fathers, but a weekend hermit. What is a weekend hermit? I don't know, but I guess a weekend hermit would be a hermit who becomes a hermit only during the weekend. A stay at home hermit that spends time mediating on the mystery of life and the deity and maybe humming a hymn or a mantra to get that vibrations going that would connect the divine aura with the frequency of the brain waves, which in the process of spiritual oscillations would then be in synchronicity with the hame-kame subconscious oneness with the whole reality.  

Contemplating of inventing a new religion.

I am inspired by Calude Vorilhon, the Frenchman who invented Raelism. Raelism is a UFO religion. Ok, so an alien religion, of course, will raise red flags. It's crazy and only a mentally troubled mind could invent a religion based on the idea that humanity is an alien project. And that in the long process of evolution, humanity will one day achieve deification or alienification where we could be like our alien creator. Though the religion sounds crazy, the earthly message of this knew religion is almost the same as that of the orthodox religion: salvation or in this case transcendence and singularity.

But come to think of it, its not really that crazy because if you read John 3:28, Jesus said that he was from above and not of this world. So, if you're from above and not of this world, what are you? I know I'm being blasphemous here but what else could he be?

Anyway, as a starting point of this new religion, I'm thinking original. It must be something that no one has thought of before. And of course, I need a supreme deity and a demi-god, a halfway-adapter-like connector that would bridge the metaphysics with the reality as we experience it. I am thinking of the ULTRAELECTROMAGNETICROBOT VOLTES V. The Robot is a good choice because the personality of the Robot is really five-in-one. So, I guess it would be a quentinarian anthro-cybernetic-deity. Anyway...  

Orthodox and even unorthodox religions' metaphysics is almost identical in that they all yearn to transcend our humanity. Though their theologies may vary but there's this very basic eschatology of deification or the shedding of our physical body and achieving unity with the deity or with the "one". Of course there are various method to achieve this deification but mostly religions basic doctrine is living the ethical and religious life. 

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Religions generally think big, like the universe and the cosmos, heaven and hell, Atman and the one etc. But I'm thinking small. I am thinking of inventing a religion based on the Atom. Of course, one of the challenges of the Atomic based Religion is that it could be criticized as a materialistic religion. And a materialistic religion does not have appeal to the people with a high level of existential intelligence. This religion must also tackle the deep proving question of the meaning of life. 

I'm still formulating the systematic theology in my head.

I need a prophet.  Anyone interested? 

This weird.

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