Friday, September 23, 2016

He admitted he's a killer, so why waste time? Wow De Lima

Everybody knows that Duterte is a killer. The guy even bragged about the number of criminals he has executed. Whether this is true or just bravado, does not matter, what is important is the message he sends: I will be merciless with criminals. This is how he turned Davao into what it is now, by becoming the mayor-punisher. 

Though the CHR and the Ombudsman's investigations and fact finding missions could not pin down the mayor, every Davaoenos know that their mayor-protector instilled fear among the criminals by showing them no mercy, it's either stop or die, no middle ground, no justice system for the criminals to seek shelter and protection from, it's the highway or the grave.

So, I think the senate investigation on Extra Judicial Killings and the result it could have put out i.e. if Sen De Lima was not ousted, would not mean that much to the Filipino. Sen. De lima sees a man-eating tiger and proved that it's man eating tiger. The Filipinos sees a man-eating tiger and knew it was man-eating tiger. So, what's the use of telling everybody that it's a man-eating tiger when everybody knows that the animal is a man-eating tiger. It's not as if De Lima has shown and proved anything new. But the problem with De lima's crusade is that she's prosecuting the president for the present alleged killings using evidences from different and past alleged killings. Not synchronized.

I admire De Lima for her guts. It takes a person of great courage to stand up against the temperamental and foul mouthed chief executive of the country with the power of the whole government behind him. Though I disliked her misdirected sympathies, and I bashed her once too often on FB for the impression that she's lawyering for the criminals and the drug pushers, for me, though, she looks real. I believe she's clean and she's sincere in her advocacy against these killings it's just that she opted to take the unpopular side. 

When the President and his men started the counter-attack with the matrix and the videos , etc. it was only expected. I am not incline to believe these accusations because as Sen. Lacson said, the papers and the matrix are just papers and videos can be edited with great clarity that it's impossible for the naked eye to detect the manipulations. Unless backed by corroborating and circumstantial evidences, these accusations and papers are just papers.

This dirt war is normal in Philippine politics but judging from history and after the twists and turns, in the end, these politicians always end up together. Wasn't it only a few years ago when the then DOJ Sec. De Lima prosecuted and hunted down Sen. Lacson for the alleged murder of Bobby Ducer? After a year in hiding, the CA annulled the arrest warrant and Sen. Lacson surfaced to the humiliation of De Lima. Fast forward and Sec. De Lima was elected a senator and here they are now sitting together in the senate panel conducting an investigation into the EJK. 

Anyway...the drama continues. While the senate is continuing the hearing on Extra Judicial Killing implicating the President, the House of Representative is conducting its own investigation implicating Sen. De Lima.

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