Saturday, October 03, 2015

Baconized Briefs and bonsai

Before I begin, you must be wondering what is baconized briefs? Baconized briefs are men's underwear that have lost their waistbands' elasticity. If you are from an impoverished neighborhood like ours, baconized underwear are common sight. They can be seen hanging from the neighborhood clothesline, or window grills, or even on electrical wires.                                                                                                                                                                                     Baconization is not limited to men's underwear. Women's underwear also goes through the same process. The main culprit is the washing machine. But in many cases it because of overuse, they are worn until they disintegrate. 
                                                                         I remember when we were teenager, since an underwear was not at the top of our parents shopping list, a new under wear was like a Christmas thing, special, it was like having a new hhmmmm...underwear which happens rarely, for economic reason. Or maybe it was because our parents think that we are too young to have proper underwear.

So, we thought of ways to maximize the use of our limited briefs. The most popular method, which I think is still used, was the Side A and Side B method.  It's re-using the briefs by wearing it inside out. We were too young then to think about the hygienic issues of this practice.  

I remember a neighbor wearing a loose shorts and on his shorts' waistband was a protruding safety pin. The safety pin secured his brief to his short. We all laughed at this and made fun of him., We all laughed and had fun not because we were being mean; we laughed because it was funny.

Humorous but it's also sad, come to think of it. 

When I got my first job, one of  the first things I bought was briefs. I remember listening to Vice Mayor Isko Morenos life story. According to him, the first thing he bought when he got decent money was briefs. And when he get out of the country, he buy branded briefs.  

Anyway, I have few baconized briefs. I don't throw away underwear until they have become too worn out to use, until they fall off inside my pants. 

I am using my baconized briefs to promote the growth of roots of one of my root-on-rock bonsai material. The principle is simple, the briefs absorbs the mositure and at the same protects the new roots from direct sunlight.  I have used this underwear for almost a year and the nutrients and other minerals that have accumulated would, I think,  speed up the growth of my material, or it could end up  killing it. 

Maybe after two to three years, well see how well my baconized briefs did.
Anyway...ang cubao nasa highway...

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