Friday, October 02, 2015

Ako Poe..

Well, I'll leave Al Dub alone. I'm afraid I'll get mobbed or assassinated once I step outside the house.

The election is around the corner and next month the Commission on Elections will be accepting and processing the filing of candidacy for both the national and local elections. It's the same old, same old circus of same old, same old trapos except in this election there's a new player that somehow tilted the same old, same old thing cycle. Grace Poe is running for president. Poe, unlike the trapos, has no political history. She did not come from a political family nor was she experienced in any government positions except for being the chairman of an obscure office that monitors TV shows and her first term in the senate.

Why is she topping the surveys?

She's a Poe. That is why she's running for president, she's taking (or she was advised to take advantage) of the FPJ phenomenon, which I believe is already evaporating and will almost completely dissipate in five to ten years,.the day the coming batch of voters who do not know FPJ except as a trivia will be voting. The baby boomers is a dying generation and the generation X does not care about FPJ.

She's a novelty. She's new. She's a curiosity. I remember when the first toasted siopao store opened in Taytay, Rizal. People are forming lines to buy toasted siopao. I am not saying Poe is a siopao but like the toasted siopao,when the Taytayenos got enough of it, as quickly as the lines formed, it disappeared . After a while, the toasted siopao became just another bread, an ordinary bread. Poe's hot but how long this hotness will last, who knows. I'm afraid she'll just be another trapo because the process of traposization has already began. Notice how well she played her card vs. the other candidates, the wooing, the feeling around; how well she diverted a valid legal issue about her citizenship to an emotional search for her "identity". She's not naive, she knew how to play her cards, which is not really bad, come to think of it.

The other day, I was watching CNN Philippines and I saw Donald Trump speaking and I was surprised to see him bashing the other presidential candidates especially Bush which would make our trapos blush. But the US presidential election known for its chivalry and political correctness, at least on the surface, was turned upside down by his antics. If these things were said by US trapos like presidential candidates Bush and McCain (hmmm...I only knew two) it would damage their image and their ratings. But coming from Trump, his ratings increased. Trump was accused of mixing entertainment with politics and some nasty stuffs was said against him too; he threatened the established politicians in the US. I'm not a US citizen and I do not know their politics, but he was great speaker, he connects even with me not because he was making sense but because he was talking like ordinary folks. The ratings is on Trump's side.

Anyway, I see the parallelism here with Grace.  The opposite. Our politicians lash out at each other like mad dogs, throwing everything from the kitchen sink to the whole bathroom. Suddenly a soft spoken little lady who does not attack, at least overtly, her fellow candidates appeared and we're all thrown off balance.   

Anyway...once president. I can't see Grace outmaneuvering the parasites in government. She might end up like GMA, a good president surrounded by parasites. GMA fed the parasites thinking it would allow her to govern the country. She was too naive, even her family fed on her.

Benefit of the doubt... spent.

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