Saturday, September 14, 2013

What's going on?

What the frog? That’s the first words that came into my mind when the principal told me that I would be pulled out from my advisory class. It’s not that I like being an adviser in fact I hate the administrative and the stress that came with it,and I was already used to being a floating teacher (or what other principals called special assignment) for almost most of my public school teaching (not really career) job. 

When I was given the advisory class, due to lack of teacher, I guess, I was hesitant to accept the task because I have forgotten most of the administrative works it involved. But just like anybody else who was below the food chain, I had no right to complain and to bargain. I had to obey what had been assigned to me and let the irritation simmer down and then vent it (like in a blog) and let all the negativity die naturally.

What’s my disappointment? I was disappointed because even though the class formerly assigned to me was the last section ( in public schools the last section is usually referred to as the problem section), I have become attached to them: relationship was developed.

This is the difficult part of teaching for me because despite my strict looking façade, I’m really a softie inside and I get easily attached to people especially children (not, I'm not a pedophile or something). I suppose I have to learn how to deal with this by detaching myself from my pupils, but this is almost impossible especially if you’re dealing with pupils who are hard up both financially and emotionally. I mean some of them are already calling me tatay. 
Anyway, life is a bitch and there’s nothing I can do about it.

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