Friday, July 15, 2011

Slogan, Pupils etc.

I was in charge of the slogan writing contest for the nutrition month. It was five minutes into the contest, I was watching the pupils engrossed with what they were doing and out of impulse or just to break the monotony I shouted, “Time is up, pass your work!”

They all looked at me eyes nad mouth wide open as if in trance. After a few seconds, I heard the loudest shout I have heard that day: “Siiirrrrrrrrr, hiinnndddiiii pppaaa kaaammiiiiii taaaapppooossss!!!”

I smiled and said, “Okay.” Of course, they all smiled too.

“Sir talaga!


I am weary of pupils asking to go “out” (or go to the comfort room) because they have this bad habit of meandering around the campus before going back to the classroom. This is especially the case among the lower sections and when the principal or the OIC catches them loitering, as a bonus, the teachers are also reprimanded. To minimize the number of pupils loitering in the campus, the school issue two pass cards per section. The principal also gave specific time windows when to allow pupils to go to the comfort room. The measure is effective in limiting the number of pupils loitering in the campus but still there are those who manage to escape especially during the change of teachers.

Another method, or style, pupils use to “legally leave” the classroom is when the teachers ask them for an errand. Though teachers try to avoid this, it is more practical to ask a pupil to do an errand than for the teacher to do it themselves leaving fifty pupils without a teacher in the classroom.

Just this morning I asked two pupils to transport books from one room to the adjacent room. Instead of moving the books to the next room, they detoured going the other way through the hallway looking and waving at their friends and peeking at their crushes as they pass by the rooms. I didn’t know if I would be angry or what but I just laughed it off.

I was once a pupil too.


The priests and the bishops who received SUVs from PCSO have returned the vehicles and apologized for their lapse in judgment. The issue with the priest was over and I must say that they have done what is expected of them. Though they insisted that they have done nothing illegal but the issue here was not legality, since legal does not necessarily means moral or acceptable to the church, the issue was both moral and ecclesiastical. The church has avowed to fight gambling whether it be legal or illegal, hence it would be inconsistent with their teaching to accept donations from poisoned sources.

The bigger issue now is the allegedly 40% kick back of the former PCSO PR head and the allegedly misalignment of funds approved by the former chairman. My gulay 40% thatchaalchalotsofmoney…now these executives are crying and begging and doing that meek facial expression to elicit sympathy from the ordinary people whom they deprived of financial help from the agency when they plundered and misaligned the money that was supposed to go to indigent Filipino for their assistance in medical and other aid and help…

The luxury that they are enjoying is at the cost of the ordinary, poor Filipinos lives.

Blah,blah,blah…may you burn in...your own conscience.

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