Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I taught melody the whole day using my guitar as a pitch guide since I could not…hmmm hard to admit, but, I’m tone deaf. But the lessons went well and my pupils had a good time studyng how to read notes. Well, I knew they had a good time because every time we do the so fa syllable they always laugh at the ti ti part. 

Do-do, re, re, mi, mi, fa, fa, sol, sol, la, la, ti, ti giggles and laughter…Why are you laughing at the “ti-ti”? do-do…another round of giggles and laughter.

I am thinking of using “si” instead of “ti”, but I know that they will also laugh at the “si.” Pupils will laugh at anything just to break the monotony in the classroom.

After the guitar playing, singing, and the discussing, I was dead tired that I could not move from the front desk. One of my co-teachers shouted at the window…” nakakapagod sir!” Yes, mam.


There’s a new teacher in grade six. The grade chairman told me that some of my loads will be taken over by the new guy. Of course I was happy, but I would be given another load this time it’s Filipino. So, I will be teaching music and Filipino.

My motto now is “Musikang Filipino!” Hehehe…not funny. 

Guess I should be a member of the “Organisasyon ng Musikang Filipino”…hehehe not funny also.


I’m gaining weight and by the end of the school year, I think I would have developed diabetes and high blood. One of the master teachers is sharing “office” with me and she loves to bring food that she shares with me. This morning I was given two pieces of chocolate brownies. 

Beside the brownies, the grade chairman gave me pieces of bread too! 

I have nothing coherent to talk about since after classes all I want to do is just rest.

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