Saturday, July 09, 2011

Guardia Civil / Mitsubishop Montero and Nissan Sapari

I was walking down the school’s corridor when I saw a pupil hiding behind a column with his hands aiming an imaginary rifle at the school’s office. Of course, I did not mind it since children love role playing; he may just be play acting since it was still minutes before the start of the class. So, I went to my room, one of the multimedia rooms, and saw my co-teachers eating breakfast there. There was nothing wrong with it since the classes had not begun yet. So, I joined in.

We were eating and drinking coffee and choco when I told them that the boss, the principal, could be doing her rounds now. One of the teachers told me not to worry because  she put sentinels outside—two in fact, the teacher told me. "We have guardia civils," I laughed.  A few seconds later, a pupil peeped by the door and told us, “She’s coming!”

We scampered for our lives.

Then it came to me…why the little boy was aiming his imaginary rifle at the office.


It’s the priests and the bishops this time.

There’s a joke on the TV about new SUV models:  Mitsubishop Montero and the Nissan Sapari.

The issue being discussed in the senate hall now is the allegedly (naahhh…why use allegedly when it is a reality!) The issue being discussed in the senate now is the misuse of the Philippines Charity Sweepstakes Office funds. It was learned, from the audits, that the funds that were supposed to be used to help the poor for their medical and other needs went elsewhere. Some to the misused of funds mentioned were the prioritization of the distribution of Ambulances to the past administration’s allies, the anomalous appropriation and release of intelligence funds for PCSO which was bigger than the armed forces intelligence fund, and the most shocking of them all, the giving of luxury vehicles to the priests and bishops of the Catholic Church.

According to the news Butuan Bishop Juan De Dios Pueblos asked a GMA for a Mitsubishi Montero as a birth day gift. The vehicle was to be used for spiritual and social services. From the surface, it may seemed there’s nothing wrong with giving a luxury vehicle to a “man of God” for his ministry but the money used to buy this vehicle came from gambling which the Catholic Church vehemently opposed. I supposed the bishop could hide behind the doctrine of double effect--doing evil to achieve good. 

“We’re only supposed to donate ambulances," PCSO's current boss Juico said.

Retired Lingayen Bishop, who I think is the only clean bishop left in the CBCP, said it very well, “it’s shameful.”

What is most shameful is that according to the news, these SUV bishops and priests are the Aquino government’s staunchest oppositionist within the Catholic Church.

For the love of money (luxuy vehicle) is the root of all evils. St. Paul

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